Recruiting Advice: Summer Soccer ID Camps

If you're interested in playing soccer after high school, consider College ID Camps. STACK Expert Valerie Prause tells you why and what to do when you get there.

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Are you interested in playing college soccer? Do you have a specific division, conference, or school that you are looking at? Maybe you just want to continue to improve your game this summer. In all of these situations, College ID Camps can be helpful.

Many colleges throughout the country offer these camps. Most Division I programs offer at least one, and some D-II and D-III schools offer ID camps as well.

In addition to coaches from the host school, coaches from other schools often participate. This can gives you a glimpse into more than one program. You will also learn what coaches look for in recruits and get a taste of campus life.

Attending an ID camp this summer? Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your experience:

Have a positive attitude. Coaches immediately pick out the players who don't want to be there. Show up at every session excited by the opportunity to learn. Make sure to participate in every activity the camp has to offer.

Showcase your work ethic. If a drill is mundane or basic, don't blow it off. Use it as an opportunity to work harder and challenge yourself.

Wear an identifiable shirt. Better yet, wear shirts that have your last name on the back. Coaches have little time to learn a lot of names. It'll be easier for them to remember yours if you're wearing it.

Converse with the coaches. Whether you're asking a question about a specific drill or chatting about the weather when the session is over, don't be shy about talking to a coach. It will give him/her a glimpse of your personality and show him/her that you are eager to learn and improve.

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