Be Tougher on the Mat With the Solo Shoulders Wrestling Drill

Learn the Solo Shoulders Wrestling Drill to become more elusive on the mat.

Wrestlers need to be able to change positions quickly on the mat to avoid being pinned, and they need to perform drills that build that skill. Try the Solo Shoulders Wrestling Drill from coach Gary Johnston of It's a great way to work on mobility during down time at practice or at home.

Solo Shoulders Wrestling Drill

  • Begin on knees with forehead on mat, hands on hips and stomach facing ground
  • Pushing off toes, roll out of start position onto back of upper shoulders and elbows
  • On coach's whistle, change directions and roll to opposite side

Coaching Points: Roll on top of shoulders, not middle of back // Have partner signal change of direction if coach is unavailable

Sets/Duration: 3x45 seconds

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock