Some Chiefs Fan Got a Tattoo of Travis Kelce's Autograph On His Arm

A fan of the Pro Bowl tight end went above and beyond for his latest tattoo.

Fans of sports teams do some interesting (some might say "dumb") things with tattoos. They might get a tat of the championship trophy before the season even begins, risking permanent failure etched into their skin for the rest of their lives. They might get a tat of their favorite team's logo, only to have that logo change a year after getting it.

But one Kansas City Chiefs fan took the sports tattoo to a whole new level when he got his favorite player's autograph on his arm, then went straight to the tattoo parlor to make it permanent.

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Joel Smith, who goes by the username "lovenmychiefs" on Instagram, asked Chiefs Pro Bowl tight end Travis Kelce to sign his arm at training camp.

"He told me, um, sign my arm," Kelce said in a Snapchat video he recorded after the encounter. "Um, sir, I don't think that's the best decision to make at this point."

But Smith told Kelce that he was going straight to the tattoo parlor to get Kelce's autograph forever engraved on his skin, so Kelce obliged, and Smith followed through, posting a photo of the completed tattoo on his Instagram account an hour or so after practice.

"Needless to say, me and that man have a bond that can never be broken," Kelce said. "An awkward bond, but still, a bond."

Check out Kelce's full reaction in the video above.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock