The 5 Worst (and 5 Best) Sports Nicknames

Maria Sharapova came close to legally changing her name to "Sugarpova," prompting STACK to consider the worst and best sports nicknames.

Worst: "Ochocinco" For Chad Johnson

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Photo via CBS Sports

In August of 2008, Chad Johnson decided to legally change his last name to "Ochocinco".

The idea was to make his last name match his jersey number: 85.

There was just one problem.

Ochocinco, in Spanish, means "eight five." Not eighty-five.

If he truly wanted his name to reflect his jersey number, he should've changed his last name to "Ochenta y cinco".

Johnson's poor grasp of the foreign language led to an awkward nickname, which is now synonymous with the downfall of his career.

Johnson once vowed he was going to change his last name to "Hachi Go", which would've translated to "eight five" in Japanese.

However, he did not go through with it.

Ochocinco changed his last name back to Johnson in 2012.