Steal of the NFL Draft? Healthy Myles Jack Looks Freakishly Explosive in New Training Clip

Judging by a recent clip of his training, Myles Jack might prove to be the biggest steal of the 2016 NFL Draft.

Myles Jack is out for vengeance.

Once a projected top 10 pick, the former UCLA linebacker spent the entire first round of the 2016 NFL Draft watching team after team pass him over due to concerns about the health of his right knee and rumblings about the potential need for micro-fracture surgery.

"It was, honestly, humiliating. It was embarrassing having to sit there, and afterwards walking out, having my girl to my left, my mom to my right, my grandmother to the right of her and having to look at them. It was a tough feeling. It wasn't a good night, truthfully," Jack said of his draft slide on The Rich Eisen Show.

On the second day of the Draft, Jack finally received the call. It was from the Jacksonville Jaguars, and they were selecting him with the 36th overall pick. Just like that, Jacksonville obtained an incredibly talented linebacker with a massive chip on his shoulder.

But will he be healthy enough to make an impact this season? If this recent training clip is any indication, we wouldn't bet against him:

Jack explodes over two hurdles, throws a med ball to the moon and then has the speed and explosiveness to run and catch his own throw. If that doesn't inspire confidence in his health, I'm not sure what will. The clip comes from Tracy Ford, the CEO and Head Performance Director of Ford Sports Performance in Bellevue, Washington.

You can also see Jack performing some Hill Run drills in this video clip:

Judging by Jack's off-season progress, there's a growing chance the Jaguars nabbed the biggest steal of the 2016 NFL Draft.

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Myles Jack


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