Basketball Team Shooting Drills for Your Next Practice

Get your entire squad involved with these basketball team shooting drills from STACK expert Kyle Ohman.

Basketball Team Shooting Drills

During basketball practice, you may not always have the time or space to do small-group shooting drills. That means that you need to have specific basketball team shooting drills to get all of your players involved and working on their shots. It's important to spend time working on your team's shooting on a regular basis, because making shots is how you win games. If you have really good plays and execute them correctly but can't make the shot, your team will be in trouble.

When doing basketball team shooting drills, make sure your players shoot at game speed and with correct technique. You don't want them practicing bad habits—and in a group or team setting, some of your less disciplined players may not lock in and focus. As the coach, you need to monitor this regularly.

Another key to these drills: the passer must deliver good shooting passes. Don't allow your players to throw bad passes to the shooter. Encourage them to make solid game-speed passes, not only to help the shooter shoot better, but also to help all your players work on their passing. For less experienced shooters, the quality of the pass can sometimes determine whether the shot goes in or not.

Now that you have some guidelines, here are some good basketball shooting drills your team can use.

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Andy Enfield 5-Minute Shooting Drill

You can have three or four players at a basket doing this drill, which doesn't require a rebounder. It's great if you have enough basketballs and a couple of side hoops. It allows you to get up a lot of shots in a short time.

Box Drill Face-Up Shot

This drill will allow your players to not only work on their shots, but also to practice on their footwork and get squared up to the basket for each shot. With four to six players per basket, you should have plenty of space for this drill.

Moves on the Move Shooting Drill

With this shooting drill, your players will work on shooting off the dribble. As long as you have enough basketballs, you should be able to put up to eight players at each basket.

Watch the drill at Basketball HQ.

Ray Allen Curl Cut, Fade Cut and Straight Cut Shooting Drill

These three drills are similar, but they each work a different type of cut off a down screen. The video shows only one passer at the top, but you can make it a team drill by placing half of your players at the top with basketballs to be the passers. After a player makes a pass, he or she will rebound the make/miss, pass it to the player who just shot the ball, and then switch lines. You can have up to 10 players at each basket if needed. Check out the Curl Cut version in the video below, and watch the Fade Cut and Straight Cut versions on Basketball HQ.

Find more shooting drills at Basketball HQ and STACK's Shooting Drills library.

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