The Best, Weirdest and Most Hilarious Off-The-Field Moments of Marshawn Lynch's Career

Have fun with this STACK compilation of Marshawn Lynch's Greatest Off-the-Field Hits.

Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch left the NFL in a way that only he could: in silence. While the entire country was watching Super Bowl 50, Lynch tweeted out a photo of his lime green cleats hanging on a telephone wire accompanied by nothing but a hand making the "peace" sign—announcing his retirement without using a single word.

Lynch's tendency to speak little and do more on the field became a point of contention in recent years, coming to a head at last year's Super Bowl media day, when the only answer Lynch offered to reporters was, "I'm just here so I don't get fined." Many a column was written about Lynch's reticence, but none of them changed the fact that Lynch, a notoriously quiet player, was doing things his own way on his own terms. His retirement tweet is a perfect example, putting a period on an incredible 9-year career that included over 9,000 total rushing yards and a Super Bowl ring.

As intriguing off the field as he was on it, here are the best career off-the-field moments of the man known as Beast Mode.

Parked His Lamborghini Using Velvet Ropes

During the 2014 off-season, Lynch parked his white Lamborghini on a side street in Oakland, then placed velvet ropes in front and back of his vehicle to let pedestrians know that no matter where he is in life, Lynch serves as his own valet. What an amazing, strange sight.

Launched a Kickball a Quarter Mile

And when we say "a quarter mile," we are not exaggerating. We really mean a quarter mile—i.e., 440 yards. Lynch's demolition of a kickball during an off-season charity event in Oakland, not once but twice, must be some kind of distance record. You can't even see where the first ball landed. For all we know, it splashed into the Bay and is still floating around.

"I'm All About That Action, Boss"

Before the Seahawks took on the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII, Lynch spent much of the week refusing to offer the media anything more than "I just don't want to get fined, boss." It sparked a lot of hot takes and upset reporters hoping for a soundbite, but Lynch had made his decision. The one extended interview he did grant was to the NFL Network's Deion Sanders, in which he dropped such gems as "I'm all about that action, Boss," and "laid back, kicked back," which became part of Beast Mode lore.

Hasn't Spent a Dime of His NFL Money

Marshawn Lynch

During his 9-year career as an NFL running back, Lynch made around $50 million, and according to the NFL Network's Ian Rappaport, Lynch stashed all of it away in savings. On a recent radio spot in Seattle, Rappaport said that Lynch "hasn't spent a dime" of his NFL earnings, presumably relying on the money he makes from endorsement deals with companies like Skittles and Nike. We can add another adjective to the Beast Mode's cupboard: frugal.

Doles Out 401K Advice to His Teammates

The Best, Weirdest and Most Hilarious Off-The-Field Moments of Marshawn Lynch's Career

"I'm all about that action, Boss" could be a perfect tagline for the financial management company Lynch might be planning to launch now that he's retired. The man certainly has an affinity for managing money. Seahawks rookie Tyler Lockett recently revealed that Lynch had given him retirement advice at 'Hawks practices.

"Marshawn helps me with a lot of things as far as understanding my worth," Lockett said. "He's a great guy. Even at practice, he's helped us with the 401k, talked to us about that. He helps us with a lot of stuff."

Beast Mode Financial, coming in 2018, y'all.

Discovers Periscope For the First Time

If there's no TV show in development that introduces Lynch to new technology and watches while he tries to figure it out, then we've all failed. While hanging out with a friend of his who was using the livestream app Periscope, Lynch jumped in and tried to figure out what was going on. Highlights include his attempt to Snapchat his friend's phone while leaving the flash on.

Invented His Own Drink at Starbucks

As the great rapper Future once said, you do what you want when you're popping. For Lynch, being a successful running back in Seattle meant inventing his own drink at Starbucks—just because he could. Last year, Lynch created the Beast Mode Frappachino, a double mocha stuffed with protein powder and topped off with mint and cream. "You could get your buff on with this," Lynch said.

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