George Clooney's 'The Monuments Men' Coming in December

George Clooney rescues priceless works of art from Nazi criminals in the upcoming WWII action thriller, "The Monuments Men."

George Clooney's World War II thriller, The Monuments Men, is the story of a crew of art historians and museum curators who join forces at the behest of FDR to form a unique war platoon. In a race against time, the art aficionados must recover priceless masterpieces that have been stolen by the Nazis. They are determined to save the art before it can be destroyed by Hitler, who plans to do away with the art and other potential evidence of his crimes during the final chapter of the war, to cover the tracks of his murderous regime.

Clooney not only stars in the picture, he also directed, co-produced and co-wrote it.

The Monuments Men is set to hit theaters in time for Christmas, premiering Dec. 18, 2013. Grant Heslov, who co-wrote and produced one of Clooney's most successful films to date, The Ides of March, collaborated on the script and on production of the film, which also stars Matt Damon, Cate Blanchett, John Goodman, Bill Murray and Jean Dujardin.

The screenplay is based on the book, The Monuments Men: Allied Heroes, Nazi Thieves, and the Greatest Treasure Hunt in History, by Robert M. Edsel and Brett Witter.

With a dream cast, a compelling story and a fascinating historic setting, this film is sure to be a serious Oscar contender, as many Hollywood insiders predict.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock