The Reason Why James Harrison Wears the Same Gray Sweatsuit When He Works Out

We can't tell if Harrison was serious, but we're too afraid to ask.

James Harrison always works out in the same gear—a gray Pittsburgh Steelers sweatshirt and a matching sweatpants. The 38-year-old linebacker's sweatsuit is featured in many of his 1,493 Instagram posts. Earlier today, Harrison revealed the reasoning behind his trademark attire:

"They ask me questions about why I wear a sweatsuit to work out," Harrison says between reps of Incline Bench Press. "The whole reason I wear a sweatsuit to work out is so they can't see my arms. I don't want to disturb people from coming in here to work out just because my arms [are] so damn big!" Is Harrison joking? My first instinct was to think yes, but when your arms are the size of tree trunks, I couldn't be sure:

James Harrison

Most times when a person wears a sweatsuit to work out, they're doing it to help them lose water weight. But since Harrison wears it every single time he works out, perhaps he does have another motive. Or hey, maybe it's just comfortable!

Harrison also posted a video of Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin spotting him for a set with the hashtag #AllHandsOnDeck:

A head coach who gets in the weight room and spots his players? We're guessing there aren't too many of them in the NFL.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock