The Training Secrets Behind Tyron Woodley's Wicked Knockout Punch at UFC 201

Tyron Woodley's explosive overhand right flattened Robbie Lawler and won him the UFC welterweight title. Find out the training behind his spectacular strike.

Tyron Woodley won his first UFC title in spectacular fashion.

At UFC 201 on Saturday night, it took Woodley just 2 minutes and 12 seconds to knock out defending welterweight champion Robbie Lawler. The decisive blow was one of the most devastating strikes in UFC history, as Woodley delivered a thunderous overhand right that effectively ended the fight as soon as it snapped into Lawler's jaw:

It was the fastest title win in UFC welterweight history. How was Woodley able to defeat Lawler in such dominating fashion? It all goes back to his training. Woodley has a strong wrestling background. He was a two-time All American wrestler at the University of Missouri. When he started getting into MMA shortly after college, he knew developing his striking would be a major key.

His consistent, intense training approach allowed him to develop into a well-rounded fighter rather quickly. Sharing his feelings about his grinding training routine, Woodley t0ld STACK, "Some days I don't feel like training. Some days I don't want to fight. Some days I don't want to run. I don't want to get up. I think that's part of being human."

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The vicious knockout blow against Lawler was a tremendous show of explosiveness, an attribute Woodley's built inside the weight room. Check out this video of him performing 55 total reps of 11 different exercises in 50 seconds (don't try this at home):

But Woodley's explosiveness would be worthless inside the octagon if he lacked the patience and timing to use it effectively. Luckily, Woodley focuses his training extensively on honing his timing. "Boxing is really rhythm. If you're a person with rhythm, and you've got patience, [you can box]," Woodley said; and he showed off that rhythm in his knockout of Lawler, drawing his opponent's hands away from his face with a harmless left jab before unleashing the ruthless overhand right. It was a sequence that perfectly combined his timing, intelligence, explosiveness and technique.

Check out the video in the player above to see more of the training and mindset that powered Woodley to his first UFC title.

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