This High School RB Backflipping Over a Defender is the Most Insane Football Highlight of the Year

No one will be topping this highlight, and it's only August.

Malik Johnson

Every year, it seems like fans and pundits comment on how much more athletic, bigger and stronger football players have become at every level. Alonso (Fla.) High School running back Malik Johnson may not qualify for the "bigger" descriptor, but the 5-foot-5 sophomore performed one of the most insane feats of athleticism we've ever seen at the high school level.

In a a game Friday night, the Alonso Ravens lined up as if they were going to punt, with Johnson as the punter. But when the ball was snapped, Johnson took off running, bolting around the right side of his offensive line and turning the corner before the first defender even came into view. What Johnson did next, either by design or pure instinct, was magic. Seeing that the defender was going to low to tackle him, Johnson leapt over him, essentially doing a freaking backflip, landed on his feet and continued to run and gain an extra five yards.

Malik Johnson reaction

It's the type of video you have to watch 10 times to fully appreciate the insanity of what happened. The reaction of Johnson's teammate sums it up. Good luck to any player at any level, NFL included, trying to outdo this highlight. Welcome back, football.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock