Tim Duncan is So Nice That His Trash Talk Consisted of Offering Tips and Encouragement to Opposing Players

Spurs legend Tim Duncan was great at everything on the court except trash talking.

San Antonio Spurs legend Tim Duncan retired Monday. Arguably the best power forward to ever play in the NBA, he could do it all—score, defend, pass and rebound. But one area the 15-time All-Star could've improved was his trash talking.

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Talking smack is a huge part of basketball. When NBA players guard their opponents, they always try to get the mental advantage by chirping in their rival's ear. Instead, Duncan used the opportunity to offer advice and kind words, making him the nicest human being to ever play sports.

Former Washington Wizards center Etan Thomas shared the best Tim Duncan story on his Facebook.

Etan Thomas on Tim Duncan

Instead of talking trash, the Big Fundamental helped his opponents with tips and encouragement. Duncan won five championships, never missed the Playoffs in his 19-year career and was always a class act on the court.

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The NBA may never see another player like Timmy—a man who would rather teach his opponent how to score and get better instead of trying to pysch him out. The future Hall of Famer will be missed.

Tim Duncan

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