Tom Brady Under Armour Live Draft Chat

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In the 2000 NFL Draft, Michigan quarterback Tom Brady watched his name plummet down the draft board. A total of six quarterbacks were selected ahead of him—several whose achievements were dwarfed by Brady's. He was eventually picked in the sixth round by the New England Patriots, becoming the 199th overall pick.

Since then, the snubbed draftee has won three Super Bowl championships and rewritten the record books. Brady's outstanding success has been fueled by determination, hard work and a passion for winning that have proven his critics wrong. There's no longer any doubt that Brady is one of the greatest quarterbacks ever to step on the gridiron.

To gain insight into Brady's mindset, Under Armour announced a contest for an Under Armour Tom Brady Draft Chat on Friday, April 29. Twelve contest winners will participate in a Q&A session with Brady to discuss his meteoric rise to stardom. Others will be able to watch the Chat via a live video feed on UStream.

Whether you attend the event or watch from home, this will be a great opportunity to hear Brady's comments and advice on overcoming adversity, rising up to meet challenges and working hard to achieve your ultimate goals.

Learn more about the contest on the Draft Chat's Facebook page.



Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock