Top Meal Replacement Powders

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You're skilled on the court, but not in the kitchen. Not to worry. When you need some grub to fuel your body, a quick and healthy protein-packed meal is just a mix away. Shake up your diet with these top meal replacement powders.

Flavor: Vanilla
$54.95 for 20 packets
Calories 280 Carbs 24g
Fat 2g Protein 42g
The scoop: Combining seven proteins to help fuel post-workout recovery, this formula is low in fat and provides 50 percent of your daily values (DV) of 19 vitamins and minerals.

Muscle Milk®
Flavor: Strawberry Milkshake
$57.95 for 20 packets
Calories 350 Carbs 12g
Fat 18g Protein 32g
The scoop: When mixed with milk, this unique protein blend provides 100 percent of your DV of calcium. It also has lean lipids to promote fat loss.

Myoplex® Original Powder
Strawberry Cream
$59.95 for 20 packets
Calories 280 Carbs 24g
Fat 3g Protein 42g
The scoop: Loaded with 42 grams of protein and 28 vitamins and minerals per serving, this formula is also 99 percent lactose-free.

Creamy Vanilla
$52.99 for 20 packets
Calories 300 Carbs 25g
Fat 0g Protein 50g
The scoop: You'll get 60 percent of your DV of calcium in this lactose-free blend. It's also got 50 grams of 100 percent pure ion exchange whey protein isolate.

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