Top Prospect Casey Mittelstadt Failed to Complete One Pull-Up at NHL Combine

Casey Mittelstadt also only did one rep of the Bench Press.

NHL prospect Casey Mittelstadt is one of the top players entering the 2017 NHL Draft. The 18-year-old will most likely get drafted in the top 10 and maybe even in the top five. Since he is a top prospect, you would imagine that Mittelstadt dominated the NHL Combine over the weekend, but you'd be mistaken.

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The former USHL Green Bay Gamblers center could not execute one Pull-Up. It's not like Mittelstadt is heavy or out of shape either. At 6-foot-1 and 199 pounds, he should be able to do a Pull-Up, but he can't. He was also only able to Bench Press 160 pounds once. Here he is seen struggling with the Pull-Up.

Casey Mittelstadt

According to The Hockey News, Mittelstadt dominated for the Gamblers. In 24 games, he had 30 points, the best points-per-game rate in the entire league.

This isn't the first time a top hockey prospect has been unable to do a Pull-Up. Calgary Flames center Sam Bennett couldn't do one either, yet he was drafted with the 4th overall pick in the 2014 draft. This just shows how athletic ability is not about how much weight you lift and that athletes don't compete in the weight room like CrossFitters, but instead on the field or rink. 

While improving his upper-body strength will ultimately make him a better hockey player down the line, these measures clearly aren't a great measure of hockey ability, because this kid is a stud. Golden State Warriors Kevin Durant couldn't do one rep of 185 pounds at the NBA combine, but he's well on his way to a Hall of Fame Career.

The 2017 NHL Draft is scheduled for June 23, and Mittelstadt will try to continue to prove that he doesn't need upper-body strength to dominate on the ice. Check out some of his highlights below.

Photo Credit: Bill Wippert/National Hockey League/Getty Images