8 Insanely Tough Displays of Athlete Perseverance

Watch eight of the toughest athletic performances of all time, courtesy of STACK.com.

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Kerri Strug

With NBA stars being fined for flopping and soccer players notorious for taking dives, one might easily forget some of the insanely gritty performances of athletes who played through pain to help their teams. For every over-dramatic flopper looking for a whistle, there's an instance of a player ignoring an injury to stay in the game. This slideshow features some of the most incredible instances.

Caution: we would never recommend that an athlete do any of the things described in the following slides. Playing while injured can lead to more serious injuries, a prolonged recovery, and in some cases the end of a career. Knowing the difference between playing sore and playing injured is important for athletes at all levels. If you ever feel like your health is in danger, consult your team trainer or a doctor for a diagnosis, and never ignore their recommendations.

Although we admire the courage and toughness highlighted in the slides, we advise you never to do any of this stuff.

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