Training Tool: SKLZ Super Sandbag

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Super Sandbag

Looking for a little variety in your winter workout routine? Go old school with sandbag training, which calls for athletes to lift bags of sand, rather than traditional dumbbells or barbells. It challenges muscle groups that basic weightlifting often does not, and some swear by its back-to-basics approach.

Since it's not always possible to have access to the large sandbags used for most workouts, the Super Sandbag, from athletic performance company SKLZ, is a welcome alternative. It includes a durable, zippered exterior bag with six heavyweight handles attached at various angles, which actually allows for more diverse movements than a traditional sandbag.

The product also comes with four smaller bags, each of which holds up to 10 pounds of sand. Athletes can fill them as needed and load up the larger bag with the full 40 pounds of resistance, if necessary. The Super Sandbag can be used for upper- and lower-body movements, from Lunges to Sandbag Bent-Over Rows. Get creative or ask your coach for appropriate sandbag exercises.

Switching up your training is always a good idea—whether you use old school sandbags, a new hybrid like the SKLZ Super Sandbag or something altogether different.

Head over to, where the Super Sandbag is on sale now for $39.99 (regularly $59.99).

Photo and Source:  SKLZ

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock