Tricked Out and Bizarre Celebrity Dwellings

Crazy cribs of the rich and famous.

Celebrities are always looking for ways to be unconventional and think outside the box, which often extends to their homes. Many stars, from flamboyant entertainers like Lady Gaga, to acclaimed actors like Jeremy Irons, have unusual, even bizarre houses. Some have just one quirky room, while others take residence in very odd structures.

Here are some of the weirdest celebrity homes:

If it weren't for the pink paint, Christina Aguilera's macabre Beverly Hills mansion might look like a house where the Addams Family lived. Aguilera once used the words "Gothic" and "burlesque" to describe its eclectic style.

John Travolta's Florida home is unusual, but there's a good reason. A certified private pilot, Travolta owns five aircraft, including a Qantas Boeing 707 in his yard, and he has two runways leading to his front door.

You could describe the atmosphere of Lenny Kravitz's former Mediterranean-style Miami home as post-modern bordello, especially the interiors, which look something like Boogie Nights meets Star Wars. One cool feature is the property's private boat dock.

The word adorable springs to mind when you see "Betseyville," Betsey Johnson's quirky, colorful vacation villa in Mexico. The home, which includes four king-sized bungalows, features all the whimsy and playfulness you'd expect from this iconic designer.

Pharrell Williams' museum-like Miami penthouse is quite a sight. According to W, "Bold contemporary art lines the walls, and sybaritic delights—an outdoor pool overhung with an improbable vine-covered trellis, a supersize purple crocodile Hermès bag—can be found at every turn."

Beyonce and Jay Z's cliffside LA mansion is full of luxuries, including a wine cellar, a 12-seat vodka bar and a 24-seat home theater. One of its most interesting spots is the candy room, featuring candy decor and huge candy dispensers.

Celine Dion doesn't need to go to a waterpark. She's got one in her own backyard. In addition to three pools, her Jupiter Island, Florida property includes a waterpark featuring a crazy water slide.

We would be disappointed if Lady Gaga had a normal house. Luckily, her Malibu home is as over the top as she is, with its elaborate bowling alley, along with horse stables and a bocce ball court.

Kim & Kanye are always coming up with interesting business sidelines. Why not give winemaking a shot, especially since the couple's French country-style Hidden Valley estate comes with a vineyard. Both romantic and practical.

Although traditional in many ways, the Hollywood home Jennifer Lopez bought with former husband Marc Anthony includes an "entertainment wing" with a full-service bar, a massage salon, a 20-seat theater, a costume room, a dance studio and a recording studio.

Leonardo DiCaprio's New York apartment, which he sometimes rents out for $4,500 per night, offers vitamin C-infused showers, a circulated aromatherapy air supply, purified air and water, posture-supportive heat reflexology flooring and a dawn simulation system for your sleep cycle.

Although Nicolas Cage lost this decidedly unique home, he once resided in a Los Feliz castle that matched his own eccentricity, featuring wall coverings made of purple velvet and a ceiling decorated with Egyptian-inspired stenciling.

The multi-million dollar mock-Mediterranean home owned by Iggy Azalea's NBA player ex-boyfriend Nick Young is reportedly used just to house Young's 500 pairs of sneakers. Two "shoe keepers" are employed to safeguard the precious kicks.

Far from dull, the LA estate where Drake resided when Rolling Stone interviewed him in 2014 featured a mechanical bull, an 80-foot water slide and a huge pool with "two very big statues of voluptuous women, on their knees, in bikinis."

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