TRX TV Online Launch

TRX TV is here. Tune in to learn TRX exercises you can use in your training.


Fitness Anywhere—home of the TRX, a portable bodyweight training tool used by STACKletes such as Drew Brees, Jimmy Rollins, Kevin Durant, Devin Harris and Brian Deegan—has launched its own online video site, TRX TV. By tuning into TRX TV, athletes and fitness buffs alike will have the ability to update their workouts weekly.


"TRX TV signifies our commitment to developing the online space as a platform for educating our community about TRX Training," said TRX inventor and CEO Randy Hetrick. "It's also an excellent representation of the powerful TRX triad of gear, programming and education. TRX TV gives our community a growing library of ideas that will help them evolve their TRX workouts and keep them fresh, challenging and effective."

The revolutionary training equipment simultaneously builds strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. The video site offers free weekly videos and a new training theme [strength, endurance, stability, flexibility, etc.] every month, all while showing TRXers new exercises and enhanced versions of older exercises. Plus, you'll find tips on how to get max training results using the TRX system.

The site's Weekly Sequence video will help educate viewers about the science behind three to four featured training exercises. Training Tip videos will offer quick coaching points on how to perform the exercises properly, and the Featured Movement video will go in-depth on one specific exercise.

All videos are free; however, for real TRX nuts, a monthly downloadable version of TRX TV is available for $9.95. The download includes all weekly videos and a 30-minute real-time workout with a TRX professional trainer.

Keep in mind that TRX TV will present only exercises performed using the TRX training system, whereas STACK TV has thousands of training videos with top experts and athletes from across the country employing a wide variety of equipment.

Check out the video below for quick take on TRX TV. For more info, head to

Source:  Fitness Anywhere
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