Under Armour Training Shoes

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Because athletes don't all train the same way, they shouldn't all wear the same workout shoes. To give athletes an option other than running shoes in which to train, Under Armour has created its line of Prototype trainers—three new fitness shoes, each made for a distinct style of workout.

The Power Trainer is designed for "the ultimate power player"—think Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis. The ankle-high shoes feature a directional heel cradle for stability and shock-absorbing midsoles to disperse impact from performing vertical movements and serious weight training.

The Speed Trainer is for lean, quick athletes, so the shoes are light and responsive. Created for linear movement—running fast and straight—they have an ArmourPlastic cushioning system to help defend against shin splints and other leg injuries.

Does your training include lots of agility drills to improve side-to-side movement? The Evade Trainer is for athletes who prize lateral movement. It has a molded plastic heel counter and full-length ArmourGuide stabilizers to facilitate explosive cuts.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock