4 Ways to Reinvent Your Fitness Routine

Challenge your muscles and add fun and excitement to your training regimen with four uncommon workouts from STACK Expert Heather Mangieri.

Aerial Yoga

I'm always searching for new and fun workouts for my clients. Mixing up your routine and learning new skills builds excitement and keeps physical activity enjoyable. We all strive for an active lifestyle, so we need to find what motivates us to move and what we enjoy. Here are a few of my favorite recent fun finds.

Kettlebell Cardio Class

Kettlebells are cannonball-shaped iron orbs with handles. They can be swung, lifted and held during power exercises such as Squats, Lunges, Cleans and Swings. Kettlebell enthusiasts claim they provide one heck of a workout, and I have to agree. In a study conducted at the University of Wisconsin, researchers evaluated 10 experienced kettlebell-trained volunteers. They burned an average of 272 calories during a 20-minute workout. So kettlebell cardio workouts are ideal for those looking to burn fat and gain strength. More importantly, talk about fun! If you purchase a set of kettlebells, you can start training by checking out STACK's Kettlebell Exercise Library.

Boot Camp

Get ready to get out of bed early. Boot camps usually start early in the morning and go rain or shine! They offer another form of physical activity that maximizes the calorie burn by combining cardiovascular exercise, strength training and flexibility—all in a group setting. Often, the exercises are done in stations, and you go from one to the next with very little rest. Looking for military-style fitness? Check out STACK Basic Training for ideas.

Aerial Yoga

This challenging and dynamic workout is a combination of traditional yoga and aerial arts. Think Cirque du Soleil. The workout builds extensive core and upper-body strength using hammock-type fabric to support the body. You must constantly engage your core and use your arms and legs to move your body and stay in the air. Proponents emphasize these benefits, but my number one reason for recommending aerial yoga is that it's so much fun. Check out a sample here.


CrossFit is not for the timid. It's a total-body workout program that is used by military and police academies to improve strength and conditioning. The CrossFit workout of the day incorporates functional movements executed at high intensities. You might find yourself doing Pull-Ups, lifting heavy tires, carrying sandbags or climbing ropes. Since the workouts change daily, your muscles are constantly challenged, resulting in significant strength, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning gains. If you thrive on new challenges, this might be the next one for you. Learn the basics of CrossFit.

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