Use the Veer Dribble to Get More Buckets in Transition Offense

The transition offense is a must have for all teams at every level.

The transition offense can make or break a team when it comes to making quick baskets that can spread the score quickly. The transition offense is a must have for all teams at every level, but players must possess a variety of scoring moves to set their teammates up in transition to make a highly efficient shot.

One of the transition offense moves in the veer dribble, which to creates space from your defender to open up scoring opportunities in the transition.

The Veer Dribble

A Veer Dribble is an offensive move used when the defender is alongside the offensive player. The offensive player uses an inside foot leg whip to seal the defender behind them to create leverage to score. This move is typically used in transition offense but can also be executed in the half court.

Using this move is going to be situational based on where you are on the court and where defenders are set as well, so make sure to read the defensive situation.

Executing the Veer Dribble

When the defender looks to push the player out of the paint or just gain control of the offensive player's path, the ball handler will extend their inside foot out in a sweeping motion allowing them the ability to side-step into the path of the defender as they control the ball with an "in-out" motion. This will force the defensive player to slow down or change path to avoid creating excessive contact with the ball handler, and the ball handler will accelerate to escape the defender for a finish.

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