Rap News Rundown: Waka Flocka Flame, Iggy Azalea, Tyga, Lil Twist, Drake

In this week's edition of Rap News Rundown, Waka Flocka Flame gets busted for taking a loaded gun into the Atlanta airport.

Waka Flocka Flame Arrested at Atlanta Airport

Airports are becoming dangerous places for rappers. Two weeks ago it was Too Short, and now southern rapper Waka Flocka Flame was arrested after a gun was found in his carry-on bag at Hartsfield International. According to local police, he did not have a permit. He has been charged with carrying a weapon in a prohibited place and faces criminal penalties and a fine that could reach $11,000.

The TSA's Instagram account revealed that the weapon was a 5.7x28mm pistol loaded with 29 rounds plus one in the chamber. Waka's mother and manager Debra Antney told TMZ that the incident was a mistake and that the performer accidentally took his fiancé's bag instead of his own.

Iggy Azalea's Ex-Boyfriend Files For Divorce

The Iggy Azalea and Jefe Wine saga continues. Last week, Wine filed to end his common law marriage to Azalea in Texas. In the legal documents, Wine claims the couple began living together in fall 2008 and were "holding themselves out as man and wife" until they separated in 2013. It seems like an obvious ploy to get his hands on her assets. But it's not completely without merit, as TMZ reports that in Texas a man and woman who live together for any length of time are considered legally married if they "hold themselves out to others as husband and wife."

Wine is asking the courts to prevent Iggy from selling assets acquired during their "marriage." Iggy, of course, denies that they were ever married.

Tyga & Lil Twist Lash Out at Young Money on Twitter

Things are not all coming up roses in the Young Money camp. Two artists, Tyga and Lil Twist, lashed out against the label via Twitter, expressing a desire to be released from their contracts.

"Gold album been done. My label holding me hostage, so I can't release nothing [sic]. Might just leak it for my fans then let them make [money] off it," wrote Tyga, who also responded "Not Long" to a fan asking if he was still affiliated with YM, adding, "Never bite the hand that feeds you. But never starve for the hand that doesn't."

According to reports, Tyga's choice of girlfriends may be the cause of his recent troubles with Young Money. Lil Wayne allegedly doesn't like the 24-year-old dating the 17-year-old Kylie Jenner and has blackballed all his attempts to release more music.

Shortly after Tyga's outburst, fellow label mate Lil Twist followed suit, calling out his YM management team on the social media site. He wrote, "I swear I gotta have the worst management team in the history of management teams. Like wow this s*** crazy. All I wanna do is drop music."

Drake Accused of Threatening Former Lovers

Two women have come forward to accuse Drake of threatening them via text message. According to TMZ, Houston-based stripper Jhonni Blaze and Arizona-based Internet model Shaye G received threats from Drake's camp after the artist's reps became suspicious that the women would talk about their relationship with him.

Blaze apologized to the rapper for the publicity and the trouble stemming from her filing charges. During an interview with the Madd Hatta Morning Show, she said, "I did what I thought was right as a woman and just filed a police report for my safety, in case something happened to me."

Drake has not yet responded to the allegations.


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