WATCH: Cardale Jones Shows Off His Cannon Arm, Beating J.T. Barrett in Throwing Competition

For what it's worth, Cardale Jones can throw a football farther than J.T. Barrett can.

Cardale Jones vs J.T. Barrett

The Ohio State Buckeyes had their spring football game Saturday, and to entertain the large crowd at halftime, they put on a throwing competition between former QB Cardale Jones and current OSU starter J.T. Barrett.

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The two quarterbacks stood at the goal line and let 'em rip to determine who had the bigger arm. Barrett went first, and with a few jump steps, he chucked the ball 62 yards. Jones followed, but instead of taking a crow hop, he was confident enough to throw the ball from a standing position.

They don't call him "12 Gauge" for no reason. He launched the ball 64 yards in the air.

Check out Jones's cannon arm in the video below.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock