WATCH: Giuseppe Rossi's 360-Degree Pilates Side Plank

Italian soccer player demonstrates a difficult Pilates move, a variation of the traditional Side Plank.

Although Italian-American soccer player Giuseppe Rossi has been recovering from a knee injury for quite some time, recent reports point to him returning in as little as two weeks.

The 25-year old recently posted a video to Instagram showing him performing an exercise he labelled "Pilates! A real man's workout!!"

In the video, Rossi balances on what looks like a piece of cork or plastic that spins as he slowly rotates his body, moving his legs one after another in a circle, all while maintaining the angle of his body and his shoulder in the side plank position with his torso held straight.

This variation would seem to make the common Side Plank more challenging, while increasing shoulder, core and hip stability.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock