WATCH: Kobe Bryant Deprives Enthusiastic Fan of a Hug

Watch Kobe Bryant hug-snub an enthusiastic fan.

Kobe Bryant

Coming off the court in the fourth quarter in Memphis, Kobe Bryant was greeted with high fives from his teammates and applause from fans. Since this is his last season, Bryant has been noticeably more friendly to everyone around him. But one lady at the end of the bench did not feel the love that he was dishing out to everyone else.

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After going down the line of Lakers, the Black Mamba gave a fist bump to one fan and a high five to another, but he failed to notice the woman sitting right in front of him with a ginormous smile plastered on her face.

When Bryant high-fived the fan, the overly enthusiastic woman must have thought he was reaching out to hug her. But when she threw her trustful arms out for a hug, the Mamba reached around her, turning her hopeful smile to an embarrassed one.

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Bryant probably didn't see her, but you can't help feeling sorry for her. He might have done her a favor, though, since he had just left the court, all sweaty and whatnot. Check out the hug snub in the video below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock