Watch LaMelo Ball Get Ruthlessly Crossed Up

LaMelo Ball's ankles are no more.

LaMelo Ball, the younger brother of UCLA star Lonzo Ball, has made a name for himself this season. After calling out a shot from half court and scoring 92 points in a single game, the Chino Hills High School (California) sophomore might be just as famous as his older brother.

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But after his amazing 92-point performance, many basketball fans were disgusted with how little defense LaMelo played in the game. Some opined that he cherry-picked to get all of his points and barely crossed half court on the defensive end.


Well, during Chino Hills' playoff game on Wednesday, LaMelo showed off some of his defense. But it didn't end well for him. As a Long Beach Poly guard was bringing the ball up the court, LaMelo tried to get in front of him to slow him down and got crossed badly—so badly that he fell to the floor.

Later in the above video, you can see the UCLA commit get crossed again, but not as severely as the first time. Getting crossed is a part of basketball and it happens to most players at least once. More importantly, LaMelo got back up and scored 26 points to help Chino Hills win the game 98-74.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock