WATCH: LSU Running Back Leonard Fournette Squats 405 Pounds

Watch out SEC defensive players. LSU running back Leonard Fournette is getting even stronger.

Leonard Fournette

When Leonard Fournette was running wild in the Bayou, disposing of potential tacklers like dust swept off the front porch, many wondered where his strength came from. In 2015, the LSU running back racked up 1,953 yards and 22 touchdowns, best ever for a running back in Death Valley. And he did it by welcoming contact. The lasting image of his breakout season was a defender helicoptering to the ground after attempting a shoulder tackle.

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As he prepares for the 2016 campaign, Fournette is focused on one-upping his outstanding freshman season, especially in the strength department. He recently posted the above video, which shows him squatting an impressive 405 pounds with excellent form and minimal support from his trainer.

If you thought Fournette was a strong runner last year, this video, and the prospect of an even stronger man carrying the ball in 2016, has to terrify you.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock