Watch Matt Ryan Get Picked Off By His Offensive Coordinator

Matt Ryan may or may not need LASIK surgery.

Training camp is a time for NFL teams to work out the kinks on both sides of the ball before continuing to workshop their performance through the four-game pre-season. It's a time to get mistakes and turnovers out of the way, when things don't count, the goal being to avoid looking foolish once the regular season begins. Usually, this is done in the privacy of team facilities. But now that training camps are drawing thousands of fans, most of them toting smart phone video cameras, things like throwing an interception into the hands of your offensive coordinator will inevitably end up on the Internet.

That's what happened to Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan. During an offensive set, one of his passes was picked off by his OC Kyle Shanahan, who was playing cornerback. Shanahan dropped back into zone coverage and leapt to intercept Ryan's pass, which was intended for a receiver in the back corner of the end zone.

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It's just practice, and it's only the first week of training camp; but tossing a pick to a coordinator who's wearing shorts and long sleeves isn't really the best look—especially for a QB who bragged about his team's ability to score 30 points a game this season if they want to.

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