Watch The Chillest 80s Dude Ever Dive Off a 172-Foot Platform to Break the Guinness World High Dive Record

Watch this harrowing 172-foot dive by the most chillest 80s dude you've ever seen.

Guinness Record High Dive

Dana Kunze is my hero. The high-diving champion set multiple world records over the course of his career, but that's only part of why he is an American hero. Check out the video below to watch him break the world high-dive record in the chillest, most 80s-dude manner possible.

Despite preparing to climb up a narrow piece of scaffolding before executing several flips into a small pool 170+ feet below, Kunze ain't stressing. Even when he is on the platform, he's still casually rapping with the TV commentators via a camera attached to the scaffolding.

Let's also talk about that amazing sunblock application on his nose and the free-flowing sandy blonde hair that screams, "Yeah, I'm about to risk my life and break a world record, but that doesn't mean I can't look like the most amazing specimen of 80s dudeness to ever walk the earth." That, combined with his borderline chubbiness, make it seem like Kunze was catching some rays on Daytona Beach before being randomly selected by TV producers to take a shot at this diving display.

We don't know much about Kunze beyond the contents of the video below, but we will not hesitate to consider him a key piece of the fabric of America's rich tradition of international sports performance.

Dana: You are a beautiful, brave and inspiring human being. We are embarrassed that it has taken us this long to find you and your amazing contribution to the sports world and athletes everywhere. In conclusion, your red speedo rocks.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock