WATCH: Top-Rated Ohio State Football Commit Single-Arm Snatches 150-Plus Pounds

Although we don't recommend this move, Josh Myers' display of strength and explosiveness is impressive.

Josh Myers One-Arm Snatch

Josh Myers is a 6-foot-6, 306-pound offensive tackle from Miamisburg, Ohio. He's a five-star high school recruit who's currently rated as the top offensive tackle prospect in the Class of 2017. How good is he? Well, Alabama gave him an offer before his sophomore season. Myers is currently committed to Ohio State and is on track to become the Buckeyes' highest-rated recruit since Urban Meyer took over as head coach.

Based on those facts alone, you can probably guess that Myers is a total freak. But if you need more proof, here's a recent video of him performing a Single-Arm Snatch with a ridiculous amount of weight:

Single-Arm Snatches are a great exercise, but they're usually performed with a single dumbbell. Though it's hard to tell exactly how much weight Myers is pulling, it looks like at least 150 pounds. We don't recommend performing Single-Arm Snatches with that much weight. Too risky. Myers could be training in a safer way, but the extreme power and explosiveness he displays are nonetheless impressive. Here he is putting those same attributes to good use at The Opening Columbus:

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock