We Asked Randy Moss to Name the Best Receiver in the NFL. Here's What He Said

The NFL has many talented wide receivers. Who's the best? STACK asked Randy Moss. Can you think of a more credible judge?

Randy Moss is one of the greatest receivers to ever play the game of football. "The Freak" ranks third all-time in career receiving yards (15,292) and fourth in career touchdowns (157). He was so good that he inspired the creation of an entirely new word used to diss a defensive back who just got embarrassed. Who among us hasn't tried to "Moss" one of our friends?

STACK recently got the chance to interview Moss, and we were curious to hear his thoughts about the current crop of NFL receivers. As offenses become increasingly pass-heavy, more offensive playmakers have stepped up. But with all this talent, who stands alone as the best receiver in the NFL?

In Moss's opinion, it's a dead heat between two superstars.

He said, "In terms of a complete receiver, I think it's between Dez Bryant and Antonio Brown. I look at both of those guys and what they can do all over the field. They can take you deep, they can take you intermediate, they can take a short route and turn it into a 60- or 70-yard play. They can block. They need to be accounted for for four entire quarters. The defense needs to know where they are the whole game, where they're lining up. I think Dez and Antonio do all the little things very well. Julio Jones is also a great receiver, but I think if we're talking No. 1, Antonio Brown and Dez Bryant are really neck and neck for me."

Before being plagued by injuries in 2015, Bryant posted three straight seasons with at least 1,233 receiving yards and 12 receiving touchdowns. Brown's numbers are arguably even more ridiculous. He posted a combined 5,031 receiving yards and 31 touchdowns over the last three seasons. Of all the current receivers in the NFL, these two probably have the best chance to catch Randy in the record books.

Randy Moss

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