Which Cavs Teammate Helped Kevin Love Turn His Game Around for Game 5?

Savvy veteran Channing Frye helped teammate Kevin Love get back to All-Star form for Game 5 against the Raptors, and K-Love led his team to a crucial victory.

The Cleveland Cavaliers destroyed the Toronto Raptors 116-78 in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals on Wednesday night. The win was a breath of fresh air for the Cavs, and they got back on track after their two-game losing streak up north. One player in particular turned his game around completely—Kevin Love.

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In Games 3 and 4, Love was awful. He played so poorly that Cavs coach Tyronn Lue sat him down during the 4th quarter of Game 4. But in Game 5, K-Love was back in All-Star form as he dropped a team-high 25 points.

So what helped Love turn his game around? A conversation with teammate Channing Frye. Apparently Frye spoke to Love and gave him the confidence he needed to go out on the court and dominate again.

Love told ESPN:

"[Frye] called me and said, 'Live in the moment, first of all.' He's like, 'You're 27 years old, you're playing in the Eastern Conference Finals.' He goes, 'We don't care if you go 0-for-25. Just be aggressive, make an impact on the game and go out there and play hard. Let's get a win.' But he also told me no one is immune to the NBA Playoffs, either. That kind of stuff happens. There's different ways to impact the game. There's different ways to get the job done. That was a big deal for me to hear that coming from him.

"He also gave me an example of himself going through it. The Western Conference Finals in 2010. He was like, 'I was 1-for-20! And I had to find a way to make an impact and get stuff done.'"

A veteran reached out and helped a younger teammate fix his game during the Playoffs. Frye could've kept to himself and hoped for more playing time at Love's expense, but instead he helped his teammate and got a team win. Hopefully, for the Cavs' sake, the Big Three can remain consistent throughout the rest of the playoffs.

Channing Frye and Kevin Love

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