Why is Drake Using LeBron James's High Tech Boots?

The rapper appears to be borrowing some recovery techniques from his NBA star buddies.

Drake likes to rub elbows with elite athletes. We've seen him in the first row at almost every major sporting event, talking trash here and there, and always quick to dap up all the top players after the final buzzer.

Judging by a pair of recent Instagram posts from the Canadian rapper, it looks like he might also be taking fitness tips from his pro athlete buddies.

Here's the first photo that caught our eye on Drake's account:

Do those boots look familiar?

Those are NormaTec leg boots, a piece of recovery tech that uses air pressure to dynamically compress regions of the lower body. Compression helps flush out deoxygenated blood, lactic acid and other waste products that build up in the extremities so that oxygenated, nutrient-rich blood can replace them and speed recovery. Drake uses NormaTec boots to recover after a long show, and countless pro athletes use them to recover after training or competition. The company's Instagram account is filled with shots of athletes wearing the boots. The most high-profile user is LeBron James, who says he's used the boots religiously since 2011.

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"I'm always open to things that can help," James told Bleacher Report. "I started using it, my legs started feeling better and I didn't stop. I started taking it on the road and everything. I mean, I think it's awesome."

The second picture that caught our eye on Drake's account was this one:

When did Drake swap bodies with an NFL linebacker? The dude is yoked!

Drake caused quite a stir last summer when he started packing on muscle, but this may be the most jacked we've ever seen him. It also looks like the photo was taken inside a gym, so there's a chance he was posing during a post-workout pump. Either way, it's impressive. Drake works with a personal trainer named Jonny Roxx. According to Roxx's profile on TrainersVault.com, his specialities include CrossFit, cardio, weight loss and nutrition. Here's a clip of Drake benching almost three bills while Roxx provides a spot:

Drake is certainly not a pro athlete, but his profession requires a ton of energy (no pun intended) and cardiovascular strength. He's currently in the middle of his Summer Sixteen Tour, a 60-concert tour across North America. Between now and October 16th, he will play 46 shows in 66 days. Given that his average set-list spans more than two hours, Drake's focus on recovery and staying in excellent shape should keep him going strong.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock