How To Develop A Winning Mindset

Find out why having a winning mindset can help you achieve greatness and become the clutch player that you want to be.

Winning Mindset

Have you ever been around an athlete or a teammate who never seemed to get rattled during a game? For whatever reason, they never let difficult or tough situations get them down.

For example:

  • They never show fear if the other team starts pulling away
  • They never give in to frustration when the other team goes on a hot streak
  • They never succumb to the temptation to give up when the other team's lead seems insurmountable

Instead of showing such signs of weakness, these athletes are always in control of their emotions and optimistic about their team's chances of winning. The reason why they are so calm in the face of adversity is that they possess the one thing that all great champions have in common: a winning mindset. Check out the tips below and STACK's Sports Psych Guide to learn how to develop a winning mindset.

What Is a Winning Mindset?

A winning mindset is responsible for every "come from behind victory" ever achieved. Heck, you could say it's responsible for every game ever won.

Common beliefs of athletes with a winning mindset are:

  • I expect to win. I will always keep my emotions in check, no matter how bleak the situation may look during the game. I know deep in my gut that we will come out on top. (Learn more about the power of positive thought.)
  • I will focus 100 percent of my attention on perfectly executing my every move and skill.
  • I know that we will always prevail when the game comes down to the wire. I will always dig down deep and put in the extra effort to make one more big defensive stop, one more big hit, burst of speed, shot or big play.
  • When the dust settles and the last seconds have ticked off the clock, I know that we will be victorious.

Developing a Winning Mindset

A winning mindset is more than something that you develop—it's a choice you make. Every athlete must make a decision that when the chips are down, they will do whatever it takes and make every extra effort to put their team over the top. They always expect things to go their way.

Do You Want a Winning Mindset?

If you said "Yes," then you need to take the following three steps:

  1. Print out the statement below
  2. Carry it with you
  3. Read it aloud every chance you get

Affirmation Statement

  • I expect to win.
  • I will always believe that what may seem impossible is actually possible.
  • I will always believe that we will come back, regardless of the score.
  • I will win every close game.
  • I will always dig down deep and give just a little more effort than my opponent.
  • When I feel exhausted, I will push even harder.
  • When I feel like all is lost, I will choose to trust that there is still a chance.
  • Regardless of the situation, I will always choose to affirm this one simple belief: I will always find a way to win.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock