Young Raptors Fan Denies High-Five to 76ers Guard Kendall Marshall

These young Raptors fans wanted nothing to do with the 76ers.

Kendall Marshall

The Philadelphia 76ers are having a terrible season. With the worst record in the NBA at 10-71, nobody wants anything to do with them. Not even kids.

The 76ers played the Toronto Raptors on Tuesday night and predictably came out with a loss. But the final dagger was saved until after the game was over. As players were walking back to the locker rooms, two young Raptors fans were holding their hands out for high-fives.

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Normally, children don't care which pro gives them attention, but these little fans were loyal to the Raptors. When 76ers point guard Kendall Marshall held out his hand, the kids immediately pulled back, denying Marshall a high-five.

Even though the turndown was funny, you have to feel bad for Marshall. Check out the video below:


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock