Dave Austin

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Dave Austin

Dave Austin is a highly sought after “mental performance coach” for elite and professional athletes. His trademark “game ready” visualizations have helped many NFL, MLB, Olympic, and college athletes allow their true talents to rise up and shine. His unique process allows athletes to play “in the zone” and stay there longer. He has worked with professional teams such as the LA Dodgers and Texas Rangers, as well as with World Cup and U.S. Olympic team competitors; and he has also worked extensively with organized youth sports, high school teams and D-I college athletes. All the way from “little league to the big leagues,” his methods are focused and productive; and he has an uncanny knack for bringing out the best in his clients and for getting measurable results.

As a former professional athlete and world-ranked tennis player himself, Austin knows how to “fuel the fire” during competition. A multi-sport athlete, he played football and baseball in high school and college; and he surfed in the Makaha International Championship in Hawaii when he was just 15. Through personal experience, he has learned why some athletes are successful and what holds others back. He understands what motivates, drives, and inspires athletes. He is passionate about training athletes to “think less” and allow their minds to play at the highest levels. He is affectionately known as the “secret weapon” for gaining a competitive edge. You can contact Austin and his website or Facebook page.

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