Jude Massillon

Jude Massillon

With 15 years of professional training experience, Jude Massillon understands the physical requirements of competing at the highest level. He has used his experience to develop strategies that teach athletes how to enhance their performance and reach their full potential. It is his desire to help athletes improve upon their own natural abilities using his expertise in movement and the energy requirements of each sport. Massillon has trained professional athletes in track & field, football, soccer, tennis and lacrosse. His background includes:
• Training 138 All-American high school athletes in 5 different sports, including 18 in swimming alone, over the past 2 years
• Assisting in the training and conditioning program for 40 first-round NFL draft choices
• Training medalists at every level of track & field in high school, NCAA and the Olympics
• 15 years as a professional track & field coach with national champions from 16 different countries
• Nike-rated as one of the top 150 trainers in the U.S.
• Certified in Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT)

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