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The Athlete's Recovery Guide

January 25, 2013 | Z Altug

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Athletes, you play and work out hard. Now you need to rest, recover and regenerate for your next game or training session. The best professional athletes understand this, but they also have highly trained nutritionists and trainers at their disposal. Until you reach that coveted level, you can reap similar benefits with the following simple strategies and tools to recover from intense workouts and competition

  • Get into a whirlpool, sauna or steam room to relax your muscles
  • Use meditation to clear your mind (See Rise to the Moment With Mindfulness Meditation)
  • Stretch gently in a pool to relieve excess tightness
  • Get enough sleep to allow your body to heal
  • Eat a healthy diet so your body can replenish its fuel and use essential nutrients to nourish and repair itself. Good nutrition also includes getting a good post-exercise protein/carbohydrate snack to replenish energy stores and start the repair process
  • Get a massage from a professional massage therapist
  • Use any of the following self-massage tools to help with your workout recovery
    • Cold rollers: to massage the calf muscles
    • Foam rollers: to massage the thigh muscles
    • Massage balls: to massage the leg muscles
    • Massage sticks: to massage the lower back
    • Massage cane: to massage the upper back muscles
    • Spikey balls: to massage the foot muscles
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Z Altug
- Z Altug, PT, MS, CSCS, NSCA-PT, is a licensed physical therapist and athletic performance specialist out of Los Angeles. He co-authored the 2012 Healthy Lifestyle...
Z Altug
- Z Altug, PT, MS, CSCS, NSCA-PT, is a licensed physical therapist and athletic performance specialist out of Los Angeles. He co-authored the 2012 Healthy Lifestyle...
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