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Brutal Heavy Rope Conditioning for Hockey Players

February 4, 2013 | Mitch Calvert

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If you're a hockey fan, you've probably seen the commercials featuring NHL stars Sidney Crosby and Mike Cammalleri working out with heavy ropes. Heavy ropes—commonly known as Battle Ropes—not only look challenging, they are a great way for hockey players to get stronger and in game shape.

Heavy ropes are increasingly popular as an off-ice training tool for hockey players. Why? They kill two birds with one stone by increasing full-body strength and cardiovascular endurance at the same time. You achieve this by repeatedly swinging the ropes in various patterns, leaving your muscles burning and your lungs sucking for air.

As a hockey player, you know that a blend of strength and conditioning is a prerequisite for success in your sport. Without optimal conditioning levels, you'll lack the endurance to win battles for the puck late in a shift. Similarly, if you lack strength, you will succumb to a stronger opponent. Before long, you will find yourself stapled to the bench.

An intense 45-second heavy rope circuit, simulating a shift on the ice, will help you can perform at your peak for a complete shift.

Heavy Rope Workout

Incorporate heavy ropes into your workout by using them at the end of your session as a "finisher." Start with 10- to 15-minute heavy rope workouts performed once or twice a week. Once per week is enough in-season, but you can perform as many as five per week during the off-season, as your fitness allows.

Perform in circuit fashion

  • Power Slams
  • Ripple Effect Waves
  • Hip Tosses

Sets/Duration: 3-5x45-60 seconds each exercise; rest for 1 minute between exercises

Check out the video below to see the three exercises in action.

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Mitch Calvert
- Mitch Calvert, born and raised in Canada, chose a life of health and fitness eight years ago, transforming himself from a severely overweight teenager to...
Mitch Calvert
- Mitch Calvert, born and raised in Canada, chose a life of health and fitness eight years ago, transforming himself from a severely overweight teenager to...
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