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The Gambling Man's Push-Up Workout

August 1, 2013 | Scott Abramouski

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Sometimes workout equipment isn't available, and you have to resort to bodyweight exercises to fulfill your training requirement for the day. In this situation, it is darn near impossible to beat the effectiveness and benefits of the Push-Up. Variations of the Push-Up are as extensive as a grocery list, and you can always push the envelope (pardon the pun), even if you are already in great shape.

When space and time are limited, a simple, but effective, Push-Up workout fits the bill. If you are on vacation, on a business trip, or just want a chest-crushing workout, all you need is your body and a deck of cards (and a partner, if possible).

Playing Card Push-Up Workout

  • Shuffle the cards and place the deck face down between you and your partner.
  • Draw a card from the top of the deck.
  • Perform the number of Push-Ups based on the number on the card. If it's a face card or an ace, repeat the number of Push-Ups from the previous card. If you draw a Joker, perform as many Push-Ups as you can.
  • Once you finish your Push-Ups, your partner takes his or her turn by drawing a card and performing the prescribed number of Push-Ups, while you use your partner's action time to rest.
  • If you are playing by yourself, discard every other card and give yourself a strict 10-second rest between cards.
  • Keep flipping cards and performing Push-Ups until you can do no more.

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Scott Abramouski
- Scott Abramouski is a personal trainer at State of Fitness (Lansing, Mich.) He is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.
Scott Abramouski
- Scott Abramouski is a personal trainer at State of Fitness (Lansing, Mich.) He is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.
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