Drills to Boost Basketball Speed

Basketball Speed

Some basketball players are naturally fast or quick, but most of the greats put a lot of work into becoming who they are on the court. This is where basketball speed drills come in to play.

Being quick is not just about developing your muscles; it's about becoming efficient with your movements. If you can learn to not waste any movement, you'll be able to become a lot faster. Another thing is that most players don't use their arms the right way when running and jumping. By simply pumping your arms the right way when you run, you will become much faster.

Before we go into the different basketball speed drills, we need to cover the fundamentals of becoming faster.

The Techniques of Running

By developing the proper fundamentals, you'll ultimately become faster and raise your chances for success. Once you have mastered the fundamentals you can move on to real speed training drills. Remember that movement doesn't always mean you're going faster. Trust the proper running technique and build on it the right way. Follow these drills to develop the essentials.

Speed Drills

When doing these drills, make sure you don't revert back to old bad habits. Believe that you can go faster each time. Don't let your mind hold you back. These drills should be done at least one to two times every week. You don't have to do every drill every time, but you should go for about 20 to 30 minutes each time. That is no time at all, but if you stay committed to it you will see results. The keys are consistency, patience and trusting the process.


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