Boost Recovery With Florida State Cross Country's Light Speed Workout

Florida State Men's Cross Country coach Bob Braman, the 2010 ACC Men's Cross Country Coach of the Year, directs one of the strongest programs in the country. He knows how important it is to include recovery workouts in any training plan.

Braman introduces this specific routine early in the training cycle, so his team gains the ability to bounce back from more intensive speed workouts. "We continually implement what I call our light speed workout, beginning in the third week of our 22-week program," says Braman, who led the Seminoles to a runner-up finish at the 2010 NCAA Cross Country Championships. "The design of the workout is to infuse a little speed—almost a structured stride—from the building phase on."

Florida State performs this workout on Wednesdays, which helps boost recovery between more grueling speed workouts on Mondays and Fridays. Make sure to perform the runs according to how you feel. Don't push the last set at a punishing pace if it doesn't feel right.

FSU's Light Speed Session

  • Run three sets of three runs, 200 to 300 meters each
  • Perform each run of each set progressively faster with an easy, medium or hard pace
  • Run a 200-meter recovery jog between reps
  • Run a 400-meter recovery jog between sets

Sets/Reps: 3x3, 200-300 meters

Source:  Bob Braman, Florida State University


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