2 Full-Body Workouts to Start Your Off-Season Football Training

Mountain Climbers
Football season may have just ended, but it's never too early to start thinking about your off-season strength and conditioning goals. After giving yourself two weeks of rest and recovery, get started on your off-season football training.

Even if you're raring to go after your time off, you shouldn't try to "kill it" in the gym right away. Take a slow approach so your body can adapt to the demands of training. This will allow you to build the strength and stamina to handle more intense workouts later on.

To kick off your off-season football training program, here are two full-body workouts you should perform over the course of two to four weeks. There are only four exercises in each, which may not look like a lot on paper, but trust us, they're challenging. These two routines will help you build a foundation of strength, power, size, speed and endurance that will carry you to even bigger gains later in the off-season.

Off-Season Football Workout 1

  • Partial Range Deadlifts (90% RM): 5x3 with 60-90 seconds rest between sets. Set barbell on a rack an inch above knees.
  • Dips (80% RM): 4x8-10 with 30-60 seconds between sets.
  • Burpee and Mountain Climber Combo: 2x15-20 Burpees and 2x10 Mountain Climbers with 30 seconds rest between exercises.

Off-Season Football Workout 2

  • Plate Squat to Overhead Press: 4x8-10 with 30-60 seconds rest. Hold plate at shoulder level, perform Squat, then press plate overhead.
  • Barbell Bent-Over Rows (90% RM): 5x3 with 60-90 seconds rest between sets. Set barbell on rack an inch above knees.
  • Plyo Push-Up and Multidirectional Sprint Combo: 2x15 Push-Ups and 2x40-Yard Sprints with 30 seconds between exercises. Alternate between forward Sprint, Backpedal and Lateral Carioca.


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