First-Person Video Demonstration of Google Glass

In 2002, Steven Speilberg's Minority Report gave us a glimpse into a future where floating images and motion-sensing controls are a way of life. Eleven years later, Google Glass is making those movie dreams a reality. Showing us what we can expect from the new technology, Google has just released a "how-to" video for the lucky few who have been selected to test Google Glass. The rest of us get to ooh and aah until Glass is made available to the public.

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Zosimo Maximo Zosimo Maximo - Zosimo Maximo was a member of STACK Media's video production team. In this role, he captured and edited video content. Originally from Cambridge, Ohio, Maximo was a member of the basketball and baseball teams at Cambridge High School. He now teaches classes at grooveryde, a local fitness studio.
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