Learn Lacrosse Wall Ball Drills

The stock of women's lacrosse is rising. However, the sport's growing popularity makes the competition even fiercer among female athletes. If you want to really excel in lacrosse you must do two things: regularly pick up your stick, and master the ability to play ambidextrously. (See STACK Performance Series 34: Superior Stickhandling With Maryland Lacrosse.)

Luckily, training these two elements goes hand in hand. Becoming comfortable getting the ball in and out of your stick requires spending at least 10 minutes per day working on different moves, hand positions and footwork. You can be the most skilled athlete on the field, but confidence and consistency are the most crucial performance factors for success on game day.

Try the following lacrosse Wall Ball drills to improve your game. Test yourself by going two straight minutes and counting the number of good reps you can complete in each of the drills. Repeat the sequence three times with 20-second breaks between sets. Watch the video for form and drill execution.

Lacrosse Wall Ball Drills

  • Throw and cradle
  • Quick Stick
  • Throw right, catch left
  • Throw left, catch right

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