Rap News Rundown (March 21)

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Lil Wayne The Carter V

Over the past week, rap headlines were full of murky details, and conflicting accounts spilled from every direction. Lil Wayne's health problems sent him to the ICU—maybe; Waka Flocka was dropped from 1017 Brick Squad—or not; and Consequence and Joe Budden carried their baseless feud to the Love & Hip-Hop reunion show.

Lil Wayne Hospitalized For Seizures

Thus far, all that is known for certain is that Lil Wayne had a seizure on the evening of March 13, and was taken to Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. Less than 24 hours prior, he had visited the hospital for having seizures.

What is unclear is how dire the situation was when Wayne went to the hospital the second time. TMZ reported that after doctors were unable to stabilize him, the Young Money MC was placed in the ICU and put into a medically induced coma. The gossip site also claims that sizzurp played a role in the incident, as copious amounts of codeine were reportedly found in his system.

Young Money head Mack Maine bashed TMZ for false reporting, telling fans on Twitter, "We will be releasing an official statement shortly, but don't believe the nonsense about comas and tubes to breathe ...that's false."

Whom are we to believe? If sizzurp did play a role in the incident, Wayne's camp has reason to play coy. He is currently on probation and prohibited from consuming alcohol or narcotics. (Lil Wayne plans on retiring from the rap game after releasing Tha Carter V.)

Waka Flocka Dropped From 1017 Brick Squad

Gucci Mane took to Twitter on Friday March 15 to announce that Waka Flocka Flame was "officially dropped off Brick Squad 1017" before soliciting offers for the "disloyal" entertainer. Waka replied almost immediately, but later deleted his message, refusing to engage in the "tweet beef."

Seems cut and dry, right? Well on Saturday March 16, a Warner Bros. Records employee tweeted the heads of sites MissInfo.TV and RapRadar.com claiming that Gucci's Twitter account was hacked. But the Southern rapper hasn't released a statement refuting the messages himself, nor has he deleted the tweets from his timeline. Waka didn't seem convinced either, telling a fan that rumors that the beef was not legit are "false." (Where does Waka Flocka stack up on an All Hip-Hop NFL Team?)

Consequence & Joe Budden Fall Victim To Reality TV

During the taping of the Love & Hip-Hop reunion show in New York on Tuesday March 12, things came to a head in the war between rappers Consequence and Joe Budden. Con took to Twitter to claim victory in the one-sided fight, telling fans he "slapped" Budden. The Slaughterhouse lyricist quickly commented, telling fans he was blindsided. In his version of events, Con ran up on him and Tahiry during a filming break as they were headed outside to smoke. Con smacked him, and Tahiry reacted by punching him in the face.

A question that has not been answered: Why do these two have beef to begin with?

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