Football Training: Power Curls

Get more bang for your buck with the Power Curl, an advanced, full-body exercise that delivers real results for football players.

NFL Tackle

Want bigger arms? What football player doesn't?

Arm strength is one of the most important attributes a football player can have. Quarterbacks obviously need it to throw the ball; ball carriers need it to protect the ball; and linemen need it to engage their opponent. Receivers and defensive backs use every part of their upper-body strength at the line of scrimmage. (Watch Upper-Body Football Strength With Ben Watson.)

Instead of spending your time and energy doing isolated movements, get "curls for the girls" plus better performance on the field with the Power Curl.

Why the Power Curl?

Unlike conventional Curls (isolation exercise), the Power Curl is a total-body exercise that

  • Involves triple extension of your ankles, knees, and hips, the same movement pattern you use when sprinting out of your stance or tackling.
  • Increases your sprinting and jumping power.
  • Builds more muscle, because as a whole-body movement, it taxes the neurological and muscular systems and recruits more muscle fibers, which, in turn, builds more muscle.
  • Increases power and explosive strength. To be explosive, you need to train explosively. And the Power Curl is definitely explosive.
  • Delivers more bang for your buck. Instead of spending your time performing isolated exercises, you not only achieve better results, but also gain extra minutes that can be spent working on things you need to address. Whether it is increasing functional movement or skill work, you will become a better football player.

Power Curl How To

  • Kneel on the floor with your feet hip-distance apart
  • Grasp the bar with palms facing toward you. Place your thumbs some distance away from your hips.
  • Firmly grasping the bar, jump to your feet and immediately, perform a Deadlift and a Curl.
  • You are essentially performing a Clean, Deadlift and a Curl from the ground up in an explosive fashion (only with palms facings toward you instead of away from you).
  • This is an advanced movement. You should be comfortable doing both Deadlifts and Power Cleans before doing the Power Curl.
  • Keep your back flat and core engaged (think "tight"). Don't use such a heavy weight that it changes your form or biomechanics. Proper form is a must. Remember, practice makes permanent. Practicing with good technique is what makes you a better athlete.

Sets/Reps: 3-5x2-6

If you want to emphasize explosive strength and power, keep the reps at 4 max; go up to 6 reps if you want to emphasize explosive strength and size.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock