Avoid Workout Dizziness With These Pre-Workout Snacks

feeling dizzy

If you feel dizzy in the middle of a workout, your pre-workout snack (or lack of one) may be the culprit. Neglecting your nutrition is dangerous, because a low blood sugar level can lead to dizziness and light headedness, which are major contributors to injuries.

The following snacks are high in easily digestible carbohydrates, with enough protein to provide needed energy and help you avoid hunger and low blood sugar during workouts.

  • 1 pint of chocolate milk: This has the right amount of carbs for energy and protein to start the recovery process, along with other vitamins and minerals
  • Peanut butter sandwich on wheat bread
  • 1 cup of dried nuts or fruit: A great source of carbohydrates and protein to keep you from getting hungry during your workouts
  • A package of fig newtons
  • Smoothie made with two scoops of your favorite protein powder with two tablespoons of dried oats and fruit


Raymond Tucker Raymond Tucker - Raymond Tucker, CSCS, a Level 1 Track Coach certified by the United States Track and Field Association and Level 1 FMS certified by Functional Movement Systems, holds a doctorate in...
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