Get Faster With 'The .10 Second Difference' From EXOS

Learn about 'The .10 Second Difference,' a program from EXOS that reveals their speed-training strategies.

EXOS (formerly Athletes' Performance) is an elite training facility in the sports performance world. At the 2014 NFL Combine, they supported over 80 athletes, including Jadeveon Clowney, Blake Bortles and Greg Robinson—the Draft's top three picks.

Needless to say, they specialize in making great athletes better—and faster.

How do they do it? Well, it's understandable that they'd want to keep their secret sauce confidential. But recently, they launched The .10 Second Difference, an educational program that provides an inside look at the EXOS approach to elite speed development.

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"We've been doing Combine development for close to 20 years. And for the longest time, it's been the one aspect of the business where we haven't really let the cat out of the bag," says Nick Winkelman, director of training systems and education at EXOS. "We wanted to be completely transparent with how we go about developing the training aspect of the 40-Yard Dash, knowing that it's the most critical thing for athletes."

The course features 14 video modules hosted by Winkelman, offering a comprehensive overview of the training approach, the science that supports EXOS's methodology and how it is coached. "We made it extremely accessible for the athlete, parent or coach who doesn't have any strength and conditioning background," he adds.

Nick Winkelman of EXOS

Most importantly, the EXOS methodology for training for the 40-Yard Dash is the exact same one they use to develop speed for all of their athletes. "It speaks to anyone looking to develop speed for athleticism, whether that's for a combine, field sport, court sport, etc.," Winkleman says.

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Fifty-five acceleration and absolute speed drill demonstrations help you put the EXOS system into practice, whether you're coaching it to an athlete, or simply want to take your speed development into your own hands. Winkelman breaks down each drill and provides detailed cues so you can easily understand the proper technique and avoid common form mistakes

Speed Training at EXOS

"In some videos we have the athletes do it for real, making errors while we correct them," he says. "We also have some of the athletes on the film discuss what was on their mind when they were running and after they got some cues and made some changes."

So, if you want to get faster or help someone else get faster, take The .10 Second Difference Course, which is available for $149. Click here for a 30 percent discount.

Note: CEUs are offered for certified experts upon completion.

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